Available for talks and critiques at SCBWI conferences and other forums on topics such as

  • illustrator,art director, editor - collaboration on a picture book

  • finding your own voice

  • working on a picture book jacket

  • creating a picture book dummy

  • in preparation: character sketches and an established environment

for publishers:

  • picture book design and art direction

  • interior book design

  • jacket design

for illustrators and authors/illustrators, unpublished yet, working with an agent, or already on contract:

  • in-depth dummy consultation and development from initial concept, through sketches and rough layouts, to a complete dummy with final art samples:

    —understanding the visual potential of the story
    —pacing and editing,dummy reconstruction
    —exploring the emotional strength of each scene
    —Coaching final art style
    —written comments and phone/skype conversations

  • portfolio consultation

  • art direction and design for a full book with final art

Rate levels for one-on-one dummy and portfolio consultation

After looking at your dummy or portfolio we'd have a short phone conversation to further explain what I can do for you and discuss what level of help would work best.

  • A consultation via skype or phone starts at $75 per half an hour or $130 per hour.

  • A short term dummy development is $500 and includes a thorough storyline and dummy evaluation, art editing and dummy reconstruction with full written notes and one hour conversation to discuss the proposed changes and my notes, answer any questions you might have, and discuss final art style and samples based on your portfolio. Please send a check for $200 upon agreeing to the terms and the balance after getting my detailed notes, prior to our concluding conversation.

  • Each additional round of your revisions (at $300, paid in advance) is evaluated, art-edited with dummy reconstruction with notes and suggestions, ending with an hour conversation. You can also opt instead for just a phone/skype conversation about your revisions.

  • Longer term process for illustrators working on a book for an agent, publishing house or self-publishing is available as well as book design. Rates upon assessing the project.

  • Student rates.