With her large experience designing children’s books and adult jackets, Semadar Megged joined Philomel in 2000 and worked exclusively for the next ten years with Editorial Director Patricia Lee Gauch as her art director and designer, collaborating on books by Ed Young, David Small, Loren Long, Nancy Carpenter, Will Hillenbrand, and Patricia Polacco, and many more. Semadar remained at Philomel as the imprint's art director for additional six years.

Currently Semadar is working for publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, Arthur Levine, Holiday House and Penguin, in addition to giving talks and critiques at various SCBWI conferences and other forums and coaching in depth illustrators and author-illustrators on their picture book dummies from initial concept through sketches and rough layouts, a complete dummy with final art samples and up to a complete book.

Please send a short message about your project and the service you are looking for (SERVICES page), which could be anything from a quick look at your portfolio or your dummy to a long term picture book development, a book or jacket design or any other matter. I am happy to have a short phone conversation to answer any questions you might have about the process and discuss the kind of help that would suit you best.

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